Friday, 2 April 2010

Video Practice

Before we started filming for our actualy music video we thougth that we would try out the cameras and mess about with all the different effects such as the exposure and colour. We also worked within our team and tried to shoot a " Get Carter" scene.This proved very beneficial once we started our actual filming. We knew how to change the camera settings when the lighting wasnt very good or if the lighting was to bright. When we watched the clips back aswell, we realised how difficult it was to make a realistic video. The camera was wonkey and unstable. By finding this out early we were able to think of way in which we could stop this from happening when we began our actual music video. We knew that we would always have to have a tripod to keep the camera steady and make sure that the framing was correct so that we didnt chop off any heads of feet.

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