Sunday, 11 April 2010

print work preperation

Before we began our digipack development we researched others which were currently on sale. Here are some examples of what we found.

We found that many of the cd covers available were very simple. They often included a closeup shot of the artists face looking glamourous in natual looking makeup.My favourite digipack cover is the ellioe goulding cover above. I love the idea of her long blonde hair shown as flowing sparkling lights, and her name is literally "up in lights". For my digipack cover i will keep it simple, and have one dramatic effect. I also liked the black and white effect of the Diana Vickers cover, with the contrasting colour backgorund. This would tie in with our video as the black and white would represent her working clas background and the colour background is her new life and the excitement that she has to come.

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