Monday, 19 April 2010

Final print work

This is the poster i created for the album. It has a bright background of the grafiti which i wanted to stand out. I based the main front in the same style to make sure it fit together. This also ensures the buyer doesnt have to many different things to look at. All the colours i used were taken from the background. I included a star informing the buyer that it is or currently has been a number.1 hit. For people who are music enthusiacs, this would attract their eye to find out more about the album.

This is my final digipack. I used a common convention of digipacks by using close up glamous shots of the artists face. Because the video is inspirational and leave alot to the imagination, i wanted the advertisement to show this aswell. I didnt want to overload the buyers attention with to many slogans, logos and pictures. Instead i used a single photo for each section of the digipack. I kept the forms the same by using the same style font. I also edited the pictures similary to keep it in context. I was really pleased with the way the grafiti stands out. In reality this would put my product at an advantage as it is more eye catching and would stand out more on a shop shelf.

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