Thursday, 1 April 2010

Media A2 film project

Last year for my media AS coursework I had to design a realistic music magazine, complete with a double page atricle, contents page and front cover. I gained photoshop,photography and editing skills which I intend to develop this year to help me create the best finished project for my A2 project. I also learnt about camera angles and frames. Last year I didnt manage my time efficiently and I was left with a considerable amount of practical work to carry out near the deadline of my project. I intend to use my time correctly and manage my work so that I dont have the same problem this year with my new project.

This year for my media A2 project I am working as a member of team with Sarah Mcgill and Jade Ward. We plan to film a music video. In the group we have our own individual responsibilities. Sarah is the producer, I am the dierctor and Jade is the editor.

When we got our project title, we sat together as a group and brainstormed all of our ideas onto bits of paper and post-it notes. At first we thought it would be a good idea to use a very upbeat, well-known song like Pink-Funhouse. We thought that because it didnt have an actual storyline it would be simple to shoot lots of different scenes in different areas and dance about like the mainsinger in relation to the lyrics. This lyric "This used to be a funhouse, but now its full of evil clowns" is in the song, so we thought we could get some of our friends,which go to a professional dance schools, to dress up as sexy/evil clowns and do a dance scene for the video.

We began our research and looked at different music genres and music videos.
* - "Usher - In this club"
* - " Diana Vickers - Once"
* - "Biffy Clyro - This Golden Rule"
* - "Basshunter - All ive ever wanted"

These links show completely different genres of music videos which are currently on the market. They have completely different conventions for each different genre. The "RnB" video objectifies women and shows them dancing seductively. This sort of genre has a predominatly male audience. The band "Biffy Clyro" use there video to copy a night out at a gig or party. There audience is predominantly rockers/goths who would watch the video and relate to that form of entertainment which would keep them keen to watch more. The Diana Vickers video is less dramatic and slower paced. This pop song still includes glamous clothes and makeup which teenagers, which is her target audience, would aspire to own and be like. The dance song by Basshunter objectifys women as they are all dressed in little clothing and dancing in a nightclub. However this target audience is both make and female. Males would be attratced to the woman and the females want to aspire to have the perfect body or be able to dance like the girls featured in the video.
All videos show common conventions of fast paced, lots of different shots, quick transitions and lots of different wardrobe changes.

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