Monday, 12 April 2010

images for print work

We needed to take photos of the artist for the development of the digi pack and advertisement poster. Here are some samples of the unedited photos we took.

To represent the working class background that the artist has come from we were very particular where we did the photoshoot. We took our time and brainstormed ideas until we found this underpass.

We thought that the grafiti and depressing mise-en-scene gave off the image that we wanted to portray eficiently and effectively. This also gives an added edge to our project that a normal plain background wouldnt.The clothes that she was dressed in were simple and lacked glamour. This was also to represent her background and family life. Because it was a photoshoot for the cover of her album we did use makeup that would stand out and attract the buyers eye.

We also knew that once the photos were editied the grafiti in the background would stand out and we would be able to create an intersesting colour scheme for the posters and digipack instead of more common ideas which are currently on the market.

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