Wednesday, 7 April 2010


When we started filming we had a clear image in our head about what we wanted to do and how we wanted the video to look. It was very difficult to make this happen due to the weather that we always have in this country. We needed beach scenes which were shot in the middle of winter. It was very difficult to try and get the shots looking realistic in such bad weather conditions. It was also difficult for our artists to have no sheos on and get in the freezing water for the perfect shots.

The beach shot were the water washed away her writing she wrote in the sand (roughly 1min36 seconds into the film) took multiple shots and attempts as it was difficult to tell how far the water was going to go. It was important that we worked well as a team aswell as professionaly to ensure that the scenes we needed, we got.

When we come to sit down and edit the filming we realised that we didnt have enough close up reaction shots. We had to go back and film these at a later date. This is something we could consider and correct if we were to reeat the project.

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