Saturday, 3 April 2010


Out of all the music genres and music videos on the market, these videos and films were the ones that stood out from the rest. - Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot is the best example I can think of to show a working class boy work had to succeed and move into the better life he has always dreamt of. I think this film is inpirational and humours which targets allows it to target such a varied, large audience. - Gerri halowell- Its raining men

I think that the humour which is used in this video makes it different from others that are currently in the charts. I loved the dramatic and over the top reactions from the judges and the style of dance that she uses is completely different however it still shows how talented she is. - Alisha dixon- Breathe slow

The black and white effect in the "Breathe Slow" video makes the lyrics of the song even more empowering. I thought that because of the lack of colour and the slower paced video allowed the audience to look more closely at the meaning of the lyrics and the video itself. This also gives viewer more time to analyse it and form their own views and opinions about it. - Chicane -Poppiholla

We particualy liked the idea of the Billy Elliot theme for our music video. We loved the idea of a young working class teenager having a dream and working hard to achieve it. Within the current economical climate within the UK we thought that a new inspirational video like this would give teengers something to look up to, rather than to hear about the lack of jobs available and the amount of depression that is portrayed in the media currently.

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