Saturday, 10 April 2010

editing,transitions and effects

When we uploaded the filming onto the computer we had a total of 5 hours worth of clips. To edit and condense the music video we used Imovie which is a simple sofware on mac computers. This is were we cut our clips to size and put them in the correct order. We played the music along with the clip to ensure that particular parts of the song worked well with the video and had a suitable clip. The clips were then all changed to black and white and changed the speed of each clip to suit the song.The transitions between each clip was a simple cross dissolve to keep the focus on the actual video. As the video goes on and she becomes more confident and succeeds the colour gradually comes back into the clips. This has been done in " Beyonce- Broken Hearted Girl" and we thought that this idea would work well for our own music video.The final length of the music video is 3.08 minutes long. The soundtrack had to be added through final cut so we had to export our video it (which is a more complex editing software) to add the finishing soundtrack.

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