Monday, 5 April 2010


We are furtunate enough to live in a town which has many iconic landmarks. Newcastle is known for its "Angel of the North","The Sage", "The Tyne Bridges", and " The River Tyne". Alot of the times Newcastle can be harshly critisied in the media, espcially teenagers. We thought that our music video would be perfect to film here, to try and portray a better image of the Newcastle community and give a more positive message through the media.

It was important that we used traditional landmarks that would be known all over the world so we shot many scenes down by the river and allowed the mise-en-scene of the video to be surrounded by " The Sage" and "The Boltic Museum". We even shot on the Millenium Bridge and had the full view of the tyne in the background.

To try and find a real stage that we could film on, we rang " The Sage", "The Theatre Royal" and the "Tyne Theatre". Unfortunatly for legal purposes and our time schedule we were unable to any of these facilities.

We also emailed the production company ,who owned the rights of the piece of music we wanted to use,to ask for persmission to use it. We also didnt get a reply from this company either.

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